Build a digital business cards platform Swapkaart 2.0




8-12 weeks & ongoing


UX/UI design

Software development

API integration


Product strategy

Main tech stack


Google Firebase


Tailwind CSS

Showcase project from Codelevate

The next generation SaaS platform for digital business cards

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Are you still using paper business cards? Forget about them.

Swapkaart is the next generation SaaS platform for digital business cards that allows you to create, manage and update all your business cards in one app. Each digital card can be customised in your own brand style and shared in 4 different ways:

  • NFC business card
  • Apple Wallet / Google Pay
  • QR code
  • Landing page url

This allow companies replace their paper business card with a digital one or NFC physical card and share contact details, social media links, documents and promotional materials with one click or tap. On top of that, the SaaS platform can be integrated with other 3rd party CRM platforms using Zapier or custom API.

The end result, fully-scalable and user-friendly SaaS platform.

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The challenge for this project was to create a complete new website and SaaS platform for digital business cards.

To achieve this, we have build a website using Webflow which allows users to order NFC business card and complete checkout using Stripe. On the back-end, we developed a platform that allows users to register after purchase, design their own card and start sharing via Apple Wallet / Google Pay, QR code or NFC technology. We used React, Google Firebase and custom API integrations for that.

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In the first week of release, we have achieved more than 100+ users interested in the platform!

Today, Swapkaart is a top leading company in the Netherlands for digital business cards where we continue to deliver continuous development work. And to make it even more scalable, we used API integrations to connect the platform with other CRM software such as Salesforce, Pipedrive and others.

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