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Get a complete UX/UI design for your SaaS company or hire a dedicated Product Designer for a fixed monthly fee

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quicker time-to-market
45k +
savings on designers
100 +
Successful projects
500k +
User interactions

What are your challenges?

No experienced designers in-house


You don't have the right design talent with expertise in-house, and it's not easy to find candidates with relevant skill sets and the right attitude. 

Are you a tech company but you don't have in-house senior UX/UI Designers? We have access to 50+ UI/UX designers with SaaS design expertise, so we can jump into the project whenever you need us. Plus, all our designers have a team lead that supports and give direction for all your design projects.

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Lack of capacity


Your development is growing, but your in-house design team can't keep pace. Relying on design agencies is proving challenging – they're either booked, expensive, or not meeting your needs. On top of that, their processes are complex, leaving you uncertain about your next moves.

If you're fed up with designers falling short, partner with Codelevate. With over 10 years of SaaS experience, we offer a straightforward work model you can trust.

Design became your bottleneck

You may have underestimated the workload for your project, leading to a delay. Searching for designers has become time-consuming.

If your team is overwhelmed with multiple projects and stakeholders are seeking design assistance, we can provide dedicated UX/UI design expertise for your product. This enables you to allocate more time to product development and less time managing stakeholders, even during busy periods for your team.

Outdated design

An old-fashioned design can really hurt your digital platform's success by making users less interested and driving them away. If your website looks old or is hard to use, people might get frustrated, confused, and think it's not relevant anymore.

As a design agency, we're good at using modern design, easy layouts, and making sure everything works well for users. We do careful research to update the design, make it look current, and ensure everything runs smoothly. This makes your platform more attractive, efficient, and in line with what users expect today. By fixing the problem of an old design, we make sure your online platforms stay competitive, interesting, and keep users around for a long time.

Customers find your product hard to use

Poor user experience is costing you money.

As a design agency, we excel in simplifying complicated information structures through strategic content organization, easy-to-follow navigation, and user-focused design principles. With our skills, we turn messy interfaces into smooth, user-friendly experiences, making sure users can quickly find the information they need.

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Our remote UX/UI Designer seamlessly integrates as an extension of your team. With daily updates, direct access to Figma, and real-time communication, this ensures a strong understanding of your product. We collaborate effectively with your team to deliver results that align with user expectations.

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One team for all your requests

Looking for a senior design expert to create new features, ensure consistency in a complex product, or streamline a design system?

Get direct access to a dedicated remote UX/UI Designer for all your design needs – from wireframes and prototypes to achieving pixel-perfect UX/UI and development support.

Meet the team
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Let us do your busy work

Whether you're seeking funding for a new product, aiming to enhance profitability by redesigning your SaaS or mobile app, or in need of a remote design team for accelerated growth, Codelevate's team is the ideal choice for seamless and continuous product development.

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How we help .


Research & analysis
UX audits
User journeys & flows
User interviews
Design sprint workshops


Design systems
User experiences
User interfaces
Brand style guides
Graphic designs


Concept validation
Usability task analysis
A/B testing
Card sorting
User feedback
Development handover

Customer cases

Hiring or traditional outsourcing? Neither

Think of Codelevate as your in-house designer, but without the operational hassle and extra costs

Traditional agencies
Access to top UX/UI designers
3-5 days start time
Direct communication
Scale or downgrade team anytime
100% ownership
No administrative costs
Full-time engagement
Monthly terminable

Why Codelevate

We follow & create best UI/UX rules for design
We have 10+ years of experience working with world-wide companies
We don't use templates, it's 100% made just for you
We design for you & you own it
We value open culture and direct communication with our customers
We work fast and save you up to 30% of the total costs

Clients about our designs .

See what our satisfied customers have to say about Codelevate

Codelevate's UX/UI design team delivered a pixel-perfect design that exceeded our expectations. They were collaborative, responsive, and experts in their field.


Developer team lead

Our team was impressed with the fast process of Nicko's team and how good they work in Figma. We were amazed from the end result and happy with the handover.



In 3 weeks, we received a new design system, pixel-perfect designs and a clickable prototype to show to our investors. We couldn't ask for more. Thank you, Codelevate!


Project Manager

We wanted a complete redesign of our platform and we were so happy with the final result that we continued working with the team from Codelevate for another 1 year. Great work!




UX Audit

Examine the user experience of your product for a fixed price
€ 1950/ excl. VAT
What's included:
Design workshop

User flow mapping

Analysis of all product screens

UX/UI consistency review

Information architecture analysis

UX copywriting improvements

Responsiveness assessment

Action list with UX improvements

Fixed price. No hidden fees.
Most Popular

Dedicated UX/UI team

Hire a dedicated remote UX/UI team for a fixed price per month
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What's included:
Dedicated UX/UI design team (160h)

Unlimited design requests

Unique design system

Real-time communication

Delivery in 1-2 working days

No administrative hassle

100% ownership

Monthly terminable

7 day free trial

UX/UI Designer

Extend your team with experienced remote designer
€ 3950/ excl. VAT
What's included:
Dedicated UX/UI designer (80h)

Unlimited design requests

Real-time communication

Delivery in 1-2 working days

No administrative hassle

100% ownership

Monthly terminable

Fixed price. No hidden fees.

Common questions

Why should I hire Codelevate's design team?

A senior designer might get around €80,000 per year, and you have to pay them all year round, even during slow times or when they're sick. It's also hard to find good UX/UI designers. With Codelevate, you get access to Senior UX/UI Designers instantly and you work only with them when you need them at a fixed price per month.

How long does it take to design a new project?

Delivery times are based on a few factors, including the project size, animations and complexity. Single landing pages are delivered within 2 days, full websites take anywhere from 7 to 10 days and more complex SaaS projects can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 2 months. As part of your subscription, you will receive a proposal within 2 days from the request.

Who are the designers?

We have a few in-house designers located in the Netherlands and Bulgaria. We also work sometimes with contractors from Europe that help us deliver the best user experience. For each project, we pick the best person for this job from the team and you will have direct contact with everyone.

How much does UX/UI design cost?

Pricing is based on a few factors such as - project size and complexity, design, design system and level of animations you require. As soon as you tell us a bit more about your project we'll give you a quote. We can also work hourly, if you'd prefer or a fixed price for the whole project.
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How do you handle payments and VAT?

Once you agree to the project price and timeline, we'll send you a 30% downpayment invoice. This can be paid by regular bank transfer or with one of the many payment options we provide. Upon completion of the project, we'll send you the final invoice.

For longterm collaborations or complex, lengthy projects, we may offer other competitive payment methods. VAT is added depending on your location of residence. Clients within the European Union (EU) with a valid address are charged 0% VAT.

Can we sign an NDA? 

We work with companies of all sizes–from startups to Fortune 500 companies–and treat everyone with the same respect and confidentiality. Your project and information will always be kept confidential, unless express permission is given to share.

When can you take a new project?

From the moment you reach out to us, until we start the actual work, it takes on average 3-5 days before we clear up all the administrative questions and estimations.

For our team, we need 1 day to onboard the team, setup the project internally and start with the actual work. In the meantime, we always keep you up-to-date and answer all your questions in the meantime.

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