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New user-friendly and innovative corporate website

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Codelevate partnered with Strik-Tax | Legal, a leading legal company based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, to address their pressing need for a new corporate website. The company's existing website, built on the WordPress platform, had become outdated and unmanageable, leading to numerous challenges. Strik-Tax | Legal struggled with content updates, broken plugins, and a lack of responsiveness, hindering their ability to effectively engage with their audience. Recognizing the urgency and importance of their requirements, Codelevate embarked on a project to create an intuitive, user-friendly, and hassle-free website that would empower the Strik-Tax | Legal team and elevate their online presence.

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The existing technology of Strik's website didn't meet the company's evolving needs, leaving them without control over their site and mired in the task of content updates. The website's poor user experience and unresponsive design, hindered visitors from efficiently accessing information, potentially resulting in missed business opportunities. Moreover, broken plugins exacerbated the management hurdles faced by the team, making site maintenance and updates a frustrating task.

Guided by our expertise in Webflow development, we addressed each issue to deliver a seamless and user-friendly solution. Collaborating closely with the Strik-Tax | Legal team, we ensured that the new website not only met their evolving needs but also showcased their professionalism and innovation. By revamping their online presence, we empowered Strik-Tax | Legal to take control of their website, manage content effortlessly, and attract new leads.

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By implementing a refreshed design style guide and optimizing the website for search engines, we achieved significant improvements in performance, aesthetics, and user experience. The successful partnership resulted in a highly optimized Webflow development project that impressed both visitors and the Strik-Tax | Legal team, driving increased leads and reinforcing the company's professional image.

✓ Transforming an Outdated Website: Codelevate's Webflow development expertise provided a seamless transition from an outdated WordPress site to a modern and efficient Webflow platform, ensuring optimal performance and user experience.

✓ New Design Style Guide: By implementing a meticulously crafted design style guide, Codelevate enhanced Strik-Tax | Legal's online presence with a polished and professional look, reflecting their innovative approach and bolstering credibility.

✓ Enhanced Performance: Through optimization techniques, Codelevate achieved a remarkable 45% improvement in website loading speed, providing visitors with a seamless browsing experience and improving overall user satisfaction.

✓ Control: With a user-friendly Webflow backend, Strik-Tax | Legal gained full control over their blog articles, news updates, and team photos, reducing reliance on developers and fostering greater independence.

This website was ranked as top 10 best website in 2023! 
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