Development of a global freight shipping SaaS platform for Shiperone




8 months


Software Development

UX/UI Design

Dedicated team

Shareholder strategy

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Showcase project from Codelevate

Shiperone: A supply-chain management platform story

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Meet Shiperone, a collaboration project of a leading logistics group of companies headquartered in India, boasting an expansive network of over 20 offices worldwide. Their grand vision? To develop a state-of-the-art digital shipping platform, competing with industry giants like SeaRates and Flexport.

The challenge was substantial - build a freight SaaS marketplace platform managing everything from order processing to deliveries, trade financing, insurance, and customs. Codelevate stepped into the arena, ready to turn this vision into a tangible reality.

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Creating a complicated platform from the ground up presents numerous challenges. This includes determining the main features of the product, creating a user-friendly experience, and complying with the legal regulations of each country regarding logistics and customs.

Moreover, the cloud structure needed to be highly scalable and available globally. To achieve this, we utilized AWS cloud and micro-services to ensure that the platform can handle increased demands. As a result, the cloud expenses are minimal due to the generous free tier of AWS, and the platform is easily accessible to hundreds of users worldwide simultaneously.

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The final achievement is a global cloud-based freight marketplace platform that enables customers to transport goods from any location worldwide. It empowers users to oversee the entire process, from discovering vendors and monitoring progress to uploading documents and ensuring compliance with the laws of each country throughout the delivery of goods. Here's a summary of our accomplishments in just 8 months:

  • Constructed a scalable marketplace platform utilizing AWS and micro-services.
  • Conducted 500+ iterations for UX/UI design and established a sophisticated design system.
  • Led a team of over 5 individuals, including designers, developers, product owners, business analysts, and QA professionals.
  • Implemented API integrations for enhanced functionality.
  • Achieved a 30%+ reduction in costs through the utilization of cloud technology.
  • Established a scalable architecture to accommodate growth.
  • Formulated product strategy and effectively managed stakeholder relationships.

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