Creating а SaaS healthcare platform for Buurtdokters and MijnPraktijk


MijnPraktijk - Buurtdokters


1 year - ongoing


Software development
UX/UI Design
Dedicated team

Main tech stack

React + Tailwind CSS
Amazon Web Services

Showcase project from Codelevate

Digitalising the Dutch healthcare industry for patients and practicioners

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The healthcare industry is one of the most complex ones to change when it comes to digitalisation. Buurtdokters and MijnPraktijk are on a mission to change by digitalising the entire journey for patients and general practitioners in the Netherlands. From registering a new patient, to helping practitioners work more efficient and be able to save more life's of people using data and automations.

Buurtdokters (partner of Buurtzorg) is a leading well-known organisation in the Netherlands that helps general practitioners with their administrative burden and internal processes. MijnPraktijk is their core digital software platform used by 100+ general practicioners and assistants in the Netherlands. Codelevate helped them with achieving their goals by transitioning from their current platform solution to a 2.0 improved version. With a team of 2 dedicated developers, team lead and UX/UI Designer, we partnered with their internal team to build the next big software platform for general practitioners and patients.

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The platform is dedicated to two key user groups: general practices and patients in the Netherlands. We've built various features for each user type, aiming to ease their internal administrative load and expedite the treatment process for new patients. However, the challenge arises from the diverse operational methods of different practices, making it a tricky task to streamline processes.

One of our primary hurdles was developing an e-consult application, allowing practices to digitally assist patients and provide online advice through the platform. Additionally, we tackled the integration with a popular Dutch telecom provider for a phone assistant service. When a new patient calls their general practitioner, the phone assistant helps redirect them to the appropriate contact within the practice and records all relevant information directly in MijnPraktijk's platform. Through strategic API integrations, we've successfully reduced the risk of manual errors and significantly accelerated the process of aiding new patients.

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The end result is an upgraded 2.0 SaaS platform, providing an enhanced user experience, scalable features, and integrated APIs to assist general practices and new patients throughout the Netherlands. Collaborating with MijnPraktijk, Codelevate's team successfully launched scalable and seamless features, including:

  • The Econults module, enabling general practitioners to digitally support patients online.
  • A complaints module workflow, providing the right assistance at the right time and enhancing support for new patients.
  • A seamless transition from the existing code platform to a superior, scalable, and optimized code.
  • Streamlined processes for registering new patients, making it faster and more efficient for new GPs.
  • Integration of a phone assistant guiding both digital and telephone inquiries to the appropriate follow-up method.
  • Optimal daily schedule planning for practice assistants.
  • Reduced administrative burden through automatic checks during new registration processing.
  • A digital portal tailored for new patients.
  • Digital walk-in consults.
  • Efficient handling of complaints in less time, offering more information simultaneously.

Today, the platform is actively used by hundreds of patients and general practitioners across the Netherlands. Discover more at

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