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How we've built a custom CRM software for the sales team at EuroGroup-33

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The team from EuroGroup-33 came to us with a problem. Their customer database was at that time stored in notebooks and Excel sheets. Sometimes, it took a day to find previous information about a client which caused decrease in sales, bad customer service and lost leads. To help them out, we've designed and developed a custom CRM software in 5 months.

With our all-in-one-solution for EuroGroup-33, the team was able to collect and manage all customer data in to one software with a freedom to track records, store invoices and analyze data in one dashboard within seconds.

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In 5 months of design and development, we were able to ship the final all-in-one CRM system for Eurogroup-33. We worked in sprints to deliver each module one by one, followed by iteration and retrospectives.

The CRM software allowed the company to store all customer data in one place, track history and analyze team performance. All in one solution. We've managed to surprise Eurogroup-33 witch such an amazing work that we've become their partners even after the project.

In total, each sales rep saved on average 9 hours of work per week which helped the team deliver better customer service, increase sales and work more efficient.Thanks to its intuitive and user friendly design, the onboarding of each team rep was extremely easy. We did two sessions of company trainings and managed to create a streamline process of work for each sales rep.

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