Conference Compass - newly event management platform


Conference Compass


2-4 weeks


UX/UI design

Product Strategy

Main tech stack


Showcase project from Codelevate

Hybrid event management platform

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Conference Compass is an early stage startup on a mission to revolutionize the event industry by bringing an interactive online platform for live, virtual and hybrid events. The team came to Born Digital Studio with just an idea and left with a complete design system, responsive UX/UI designs and a clickable prototype to showcase the whole user journey and raise investment for series A.

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To create a platform for event organizers, users, and exhibitors with multiple user roles, the team began with online workshops to define product scope, features, and timelines. User journeys were mapped out for each role, and high-level wireframes were created to test hypotheses and confirm assumptions. A custom design system was built in Figma to ensure consistency and save time in the future, and pixel-perfect and responsive UX/UI design mockups were created for each user flow and feature. In total, over 300 different screens were designed and combined in a clickable prototype to visualize the product.

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The end result is an interactive clickable prototype for three user roles with pixel-perfect UX/UI designs, responsive components and a design system in Figma. This has allowed the company to start developing and attract investors for their early stage startup. In total, we were able to complete the project in 2-4 weeks.

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