Webflow website for Legal firms

December 17, 2023

In today's digital age, a strong online presence is crucial for businesses to succeed. However, outdated platforms and limited control over website content can hinder growth and frustrate companies. Recently, we had the opportunity to work with a leading Dutch law firm facing these challenges. They sought our assistance in migrating from Wordpress to Webflow, a powerful and user-friendly website development platform.

In this article, we will share a case study of how we helped the legal firm overcome their website woes, regain control, and create an innovative new website that accurately represented their brand.


The law firm approached us with a common set of issues encountered by many Wordpress users. Their reliance on outdated plugins had negatively impacted the performance of their website, resulting in slow loading times. Additionally, they struggled with managing and updating content such as news and blog articles efficiently. Their website was not responsive, making it difficult to reach potential clients across various devices. Moreover, they lacked a dedicated development team to maintain and support their website effectively.

To address these pain points and create a tailored solution, we began by conducting an in-depth workshop with the law firm's team. This workshop allowed us to gain a comprehensive understanding of their target audience, identify their specific needs and pain points, and establish clear goals for the project. With this valuable insight, we embarked on a discovery and research phase to better understand the firm's market positioning and determine the optimal content structure for their new website.

UX/UI Design

With a solid understanding of the firm's requirements and goals, we moved into the design phase. Using our design tool of choice, Figma, we created a custom design system that would enable us to design rapidly and prepare documentation for the development team. We worked collaboratively with the firm, creating user journeys, flow diagrams, and wireframes to ensure the website's layout and content aligned with their vision. Through iterative feedback and discussion, we arrived at a clear overview of all sections of the website.

Once the design was finalized, we prepared the complete Figma file and handed it over to our in-house development team. With our expertise in Webflow, we began the implementation process by setting up the class structure, components, and variants within the platform. We then moved page by page, developing and reflecting the designs to bring the website to life. After just one week of development, all pages were ready and fully responsive.


With the design phase completed, we worked closely with the law firm's copywriter to craft compelling and accurate content that aligned with their brand identity and messaging. Furthermore, our talented graphic designers collaborated with the Webflow developers to incorporate visually stunning animations, seamless transitions, and captivating effects, enhancing the overall user experience.

Webflow Development

With the finalized designs in hand, our expert Webflow development team went into action to transform the vision into a fully functional website. We began by setting up the design system within Webflow,  translating the design elements, class structures, and components from Figma to the Webflow platform.

Page by page, our developers implemented the designs, ensuring pixel-perfect accuracy and attention to detail. We focused on maintaining the responsiveness of the website, optimizing it for different screen sizes and devices. By leveraging Webflow's powerful visual editor, we seamlessly translated the interactive prototypes into a live and functional website.

As we progressed with the development, we made sure to adhere to the best practices of Webflow, utilizing its robust features and functionalities. We incorporated custom animations, smooth transitions, and interactive elements to enhance the user experience and captivate visitors. Throughout the development process, we collaborated closely with the law firm's team, providing regular updates and seeking feedback to ensure their vision was being translated accurately.

Quality assurance and  testing were integral parts of our Webflow development process. We conducted comprehensive testing across different browsers and devices to ensure that the website was fully optimized, responsive, and error-free. Any identified issues were swiftly addressed to guarantee a flawless and seamless user experience.

Upon the completion of the Webflow development phase, we conducted a thorough review with the law firm's team. Together, we performed a comprehensive walkthrough of the website, verifying the accuracy of the design implementation, functionality of interactive elements, and overall user experience. This collaborative review allowed us to make any necessary refinements and finalize the website for the next phase of the project.

By diligently executing the Webflow development process, we ensured that the law firm's website not only looked visually stunning but also functioned seamlessly across various devices. The Webflow platform provided us with the flexibility and capabilities needed to bring the design to life, enabling us to create a website that aligned perfectly with the law firm's vision and objectives.


After a total of three weeks, the fully revamped website built on Webflow was ready for launch. We ensured a seamless transition by migrating the content from the old Wordpress site and setting up proper redirects to maintain the site's search engine rankings. Additionally, we optimized the website's performance and implemented essential SEO practices within the Webflow platform.

The final step to make the website live was connecting it to a custom domain, which we easily achieved using Webflow's domain connection feature. With that, the website was ready to impress visitors and showcase the law firm's innovative brand.


Our collaboration with the law firm exemplifies the transformative power of Webflow in empowering businesses to take control of their online presence. By migrating from Wordpress to Webflow, we enabled the legal firm to overcome their website challenges and unlock newfound control, efficiency, and innovation.

At Codelevate, we believe in providing tailored solutions that align with our clients' specific needs. If you are a corporate company looking to revamp your website and regain control, don't hesitate to reach out to us for a free quote.

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