We are delighted to join the Dutch-Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce

December 17, 2023

Codelevate, a digital agency with roots in Bulgaria and headquarters in Amsterdam, is pleased to announce its successful acceptance as a member of the Dutch-Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce in May 2022. This partnership aims to establish Codelevate as a leading industry player in both the Netherlands and Bulgaria while providing valuable digital services to businesses in need.

Dutch-Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce

The Dutch-Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce is an independent, non-governmental organization that operates as an exclusive membership-based network. Its primary objective is to foster business connections between the Netherlands and Bulgaria. The Chamber's non-profit approach is dedicated to supporting businesses of all sizes, including Dutch companies with a presence in Bulgaria and Bulgarian companies with a presence in the Netherlands.

Motivation for Joining:

The Netherlands is renowned as a global hub for digital agencies, offering easy access to a talented, multilingual workforce. This advantage influenced Codelevate's decision to establish its headquarters in Amsterdam, enabling the company to build a best-in-class professional team and facilitate the launch and growth of digital products worldwide. Bulgaria, on the other hand, has emerged as a vibrant IT hub in Eastern Europe, attracting a surge of IT professionals and hosting offices of major global companies. Codelevate believes in Bulgaria's potential to develop local IT hubs and expand its services in Europe. Moreover, the fact that Codelevate's founders, Alex and Nicko, were born in Bulgaria and are fluent in the language adds further appeal to support the East-European market.

Codelevate's Role in Dutch & Bulgarian Markets

With core teams based in Amsterdam and Sofia, Codelevate has a strong track record of assisting companies from both the Netherlands and Bulgaria in launching and scaling software products. By working closely with startup founders and tech businesses, Codelevate has gained invaluable expertise and insights into the IT industries of both countries. Their comprehensive range of services encompasses custom software development, mobile applications, website design, and cloud computing. Leveraging their global expertise and local market knowledge, Codelevate is well-equipped to support Dutch-Bulgarian companies in their digital product development endeavors.


As a proud member of the Dutch-Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce, Codelevate is committed to providing design and development services for digital products to companies in both the Netherlands and Bulgaria. Their extensive experience and expertise enable them to deliver exceptional solutions and support the growth of tech companies. CEOs and startup founders seeking a reliable development team for their innovative ideas are encouraged to reach out to Codelevate via their website: www.codelevate.com/intake

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