How we help SME businesses save costs and have more control over their website (Webflow)

December 17, 2023

If you are a SME (small to medium enterprise) business owner and you have a limited budget planned for your new website but you don’t have the necessary skills to build your own one, then this article might be interesting for you.

We live in a digital era and having your own business website is a must nowadays. There are already tons of platforms allowing you to launch your new website within a few hours of work without having coding skills. And while you might have tried already yourself because you don’t have the budget to invest in a new website, at one point you reached out your limits of possibilities. The website does not perform well, it is slow and not user-friendly. You are busy with managing your business and you don’t have the time and skills to update the website. This is the time when you start looking for external agencies who have the time and resources to build a new website for you. 

In this article, we want to share how Codelevate has helped more than 100 SME businesses with launching a modern user-friendly website within a small budget and giving them more control over their website without the need of developers. 

The problem

If you have worked with other agencies who manage your website, you might have experienced the same problems like our customers. We have worked with hundreds of SME companies and here are the most common reasons why they come to us:

  • Their website is outdated and not user-friendly
  • For every little change they need to ask the developers to do that which is time-consuming and costly
  • They don’t have control over their website
  • They don’t know how to manage the website
  • They pay monthly instalments for support that is not necessary

Do you feel the same way? Then read further…

How we’ve helped SME’s launch a new website in 4 weeks, save costs and have more control

After looking into these problems, we came up with a tailor-made process for SME companies to help them launch a new website fast, save costs and gain more control over their content without the need of developers. Our process consisted of 7 steps:

1. Define the scope

The first step for our team is to define the main problems our customer is experiencing. This will help us analyse the current situation, think of possible solutions and come up with a clear website structure. A great foundation here will save a lot of time and energy later so we always make sure to define for each page on the website the right structure. Together with our customer we run one day workshop to go over the scope and gather requirements.

2. Low fidelity wireframes

After defining the scope and we have a clear structure of the website platform, we move to the second step which is drawing low fidelity wireframes. These are grey sketches of the website that help us draft the sections of each page and discuss potential content. From experience, we see that customers do not have a lot of idea for their new content yet which is why our team is making an extensive research and market analysis. The goal at this step is to come up with the new website structure and define what information we want to display.

3. High fidelity designs

This is one of the most interesting step for our customers because things are becoming more visual and you can already have a clear idea of how your website might look and work. We start first with creating the design system which will help us design faster and make changes easier at a later stage. Once this is complete, we move to converting the low fidelity wireframes into pixel perfect designs in Figma (design tool). We use the latest technology stack and follow all creative trends that will help us come up with amazing designs based on research and market analysis. The benefits of high-fidelity designs are that we can still make changes easily and help us speed the development process. 

4. No-code development using Webflow

Often customers come to us with outdated Wordpress websites that are slow and buggy. Instead of investing time and resources fixing these bugs for them, we migrate their website to Webflow and build the new version from scratch. 

What is Webflow? 

Webflow is a new generation website builder that gives companies more control over design and manage content using CMS (content-management-system). We have tried all of the popular website builders such as Wordpress, Shopify, Wix and etc. and we have decided to use Webflow as our preferred website builder for small projects because it gives control to our customers, it is easy to use and we can always scale the platform via Webflow API using custom development. 

As we already have the high-fidelity designs, our developers can build the website within a few days of work depending on the amount of pages and complexity. Using no-code tools such as Webflow, allows us to launch a new website faster than ever, make changes easy and come up with top notch animations for superb experience. After developing the website in Webflow, we make sure to make it responsive and user-friendly. 

5. QA testing and migration

In the very last step, our quality-assurance team is making sure the developed website is performing well, there are no bugs and it is responsive. This is crucial for our customers as one of the reasons why they come to us is because their older website was not user-friendly and responsive. The goal here is to prevent bad experience using the website and prevent potential issues earlier in the process. 

Once the website is done and all the content has been added, we are ready to migrate the website to our customer and show them how it works. 

6. Launch of the new website

The benefits of using Webflow is that it is really easy to connect your domain and you can host the website on their servers. The performance and speed is really well maintained which is why most of our customers prefer having their new website hosted on Webflow. So the whole launching process of the new website happens within a few hours of work after we have setup all the SEO meta tags and descriptions. 

At this step we are also helping our customers with onboarding. We show how to use the platform, make changes to the website without the need of developers and access content anytime. Most of the time we hear speeches like “Wow, this is super easy!” and people can’t believe why they haven’t moved to Webflow earlier. Having more control over your website is crucial if you make changes often to your content. 

Benefits of using no-code platform Webflow for your SME company

By following our tailor-made process, we help SME’s launch and scale website platforms using Webflow in just a few weeks of work. Here is a list of the main benefits we noticed after launching your new website in Webflow:

  • You have control over your website. You can easily change text, images and add content such as blog articles without the need of developers.
  • There is no need of monthly payments for support because Webflow does not have plugins like in Wordpress so the chance of breaking something is relatively small. 
  • Launch a new website within a few weeks. 
  • If you want to grow the website in the future and add more features, this can be easily done using Webflow API. 
  • Speed performance is up-to-date. 
  • SEO ranking of Webflow comes with clean code and configuration

Are you looking for trusted agency to build your new website platform in Webflow?

Codelevate is an Amsterdam based studio specialising in custom design and development of SaaS platforms and websites. We have helped hundreds of SME companies launch new website in just a few weeks using Webflow and save costs in the long-term. If you have experienced one of the above mentioned problems we know how to help you. Book a free discovery call with our team and we will propose the best option for your business.

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