Codelevate has joined The Bulgarian Startup Association

December 5, 2023

In May, 2022, Codelevate has been accepted successfully as part of the Bulgarian Startup Association (BESCO). As an Amsterdam based digital studio with Bulgarian roots, we help startups launch and scale digital products from scratch. By joining BESCO, we aim to help the startup ecosystem grow and expand its opportunities on an international level with our services.

What is the Bulgarian Startup Association (BESCO)?

BESCO is a non-governmental organization that acts as a bridge between startups, private and institutional investors, the government and other stakeholders in the innovation industry.

Why did we join the organization?

For the past few years, we see an enormous increase of successful tech startups from Bulgaria. Some of our latest projects are with founders of startups and big companies from Bulgaria where we've built a long-term partnership. Since we work directly with founders, BESCO was an obvious move for our company to join the community and support with our knowledge and services.

But why Bulgaria? 

Bulgaria has been considered as one of the most talented IT hubs in East of Europe. For the past 5 years, we see a huge increase of IT professionals such as developers, QA specialists and designers. Not to mention that, some of the world-biggest companies such as Coca-Cola, Uber and SAP have offices there for many years.

We believe Bulgaria has a great growth potential to build local IT hubs and help Codelevate expand its services in Europe. Also, our founders Alex and Nicko were born in Bulgaria and they speak the language which makes it even more attractive for the company to support the East-European market from there.

With that, Codelevate has decided to join the Bulgarian Startup Association and help companies with design and development services of digital products.

How Codelevate can help Bulgarian startups?

Over the past few years, we have been helping companies launch and grow software products from scratch, working directly with startup founders and tech businesses. This makes us a really good partner for Bulgarian companies because we know the market and we have been actively involved in the IT industry there.

What we also notice is that the knowledge and the know-how experience we have gained on an international level is in an increasing need for Bulgarian startups. Our services vary from custom software development and mobile applications to website design and cloud computing. We have the know how on worldwide level and the local market knowledge to launch and grow digital products for tech companies.

If you are a CEO, founder of a startup and you are in a need of development team for your new idea, do not hesitate to reach out to us:

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