Launch a marketplace like AirBnB in 90 days

We build custom marketplace platforms from concept to launch in 90 days, guaranteed with no extra costs and budget overruns – or we work for free until we complete the platform

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We only take 10 clients each quarter to ensure the highest quality service

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The problem

Building a marketplace from scratch is too costly...

Launching a marketplace from scratch costs too much money, and ready-made software doesn't provide enough flexibility. This makes it hard for tech founders to get the marketplace they really need.

Often, our customers share similar frustrations:

"My current platform is buggy and not user-friendly which is why I am loosing customers."

"Traditional development takes too much time and it is costly for my business."

"I don't have control over the design and functionality of my marketplace."

our solution

Your Marketplace, Your Way – Delivered Fast

Get a custom marketplace platform from concept to launch in just 90 days and increase your ROI directly

Rapid Launch: Get your custom marketplace up and running in just 90 days

Tailored Flexibility: Enjoy a platform designed specifically to meet your user needs and business goals

Technical guidence: Get a CTO expert guidance every step on the way.
No coding skills required

happy users

Recent customers

As a non-technical founder I had no idea of how to manage the development process. Thanks to Codelevate, we managed to move from my old Wordpress platform to a custom marketplace in 90 days. 
Thank you, guys! You are the best! 
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When we started, we used a template platform to start. However, we faced many challenges when scaling. Therefore, we moved to a custom marketplace in 90 days thanks to the team from Codelevate.
Great work!



Codelevate managed to help us launch a custom marketplace platform using no-code tools such as Webflow and Airtable in a few months. The process was smooth and well arranged. We will continue working with the team in the future as well.
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Our trusted process

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We use agile principles, allowing startups and enterprises to swiftly enter the market, validate their ideas, and learn from real-world feedback

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We start with a workshop to discuss your project and assess its tech feasibility, goals, budget, and timeline. Our specialist will understand your needs and draft a project summary for our team to review, ensuring alignment on technical feasibility and budget/timeline.

This initial step results in a high-level project requirements worksheet, outlining the features, budget, and timeline, giving you the confidence to proceed before formal scoping.


With feature requirements in place, the next step is to create high-fidelity designs that define the user interface and functionality of your platform. Our UX design team steps in to craft custom Figma designs for your marketplace and branding.

These designs are tailored to your specific features, adhere to best practices and standard UX conventions, and align with our build process for efficient assembly.


With the detailed build plan and final designs ready, the development team takes over to build and test the complete application in weekly milestones. Your Project Manager (PM) will oversee a team of a lead developer, back-end developers, and a QA specialist.

Each sprint, the team builds and tests designated features, delivering a working marketplace along with testing instructions for your confirmation. This stage concludes with a fully tested version of your marketplace, ready for your final review before launch.---

Launch in 90 days!

When you're ready to go live, we deploy your marketplace on your custom domain and transfer all credentials and IP rights to you. Any remaining time in the 14-day window is dedicated to extra support, ensuring any last-minute issues are swiftly addressed.

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Accelerate your time-to-market fast
100% guaranteed with no budget overruns
Save time and money without sacrificing feature quality